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SmarTee GolfTee Worlds Number 1 Divot Repair Tee
GolfTeeSmarTee Is The Only Golf Tee You Will Ever Need!

"SmarTee golf tees are the most functional and innovative golf accessory on the market today. The tee is durable and dependable; and now a divot tool is always in my pocket when I need it. Every golfer should play with SmarTee golf tees!"-Mark Calcavecchia, 29 Time Professional Golf Champion

 "Overall we think the SmarTee was a product that really surprised us. I am all for carrying less things around with me while golfing and this product certainly gives that ability to players. THP recommends giving these a try and if the durability works for you, then it will be a product you will absolutely love."-The Hackers Paradise

  Perfect for consistent tee ups, very durable showed very little signs of wear after 2 rounds and multiple practice "rounds", tee heights perfect for driver, fairways, and hybrids... Great all in one divot repair, tee, and club groove cleaner to keep in your pocket. You reach in and pull out one item and not sorting through 3 or 4 items for the right tool. - Edward M

  SmarTee is a good example of form meeting function. My foursome used the SmarTee in soils ranging from loose to semi compact on a day with temperatures in the 40's. It withstood clubhead speeds of around 100 mph without any sign of damage. The ability to tee one's ball at a consistent height from tee box to tee box is a definite plus. Using the shorter SmarTee height proved beneficial when driving into a 20 knot headwind. Additionally, we were able to fix pitch marks on the greens without any difficulty. I definitely recommend this product. The price is overcome by the durability and functionality of the SmarTee. - Dave V.N. of The Villages, FL


  Fix divots easily

  Tee up consistently

  Drive the ball farther

  Clean club head grooves

  Clean the cleats on your shoes

  Less clutter in your pockets

SmarTee Guarantee
Smartee Guarantee
SmarTee Testimonies
SmarTee Testimonies

SmarTee Testimonies
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SmarTee Retail